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Perfect health for everyone...

As described in “Regcel: the silent 5-key revolution”, the human body is designed for long-lasting perfect health, as long as the necessary environmental conditions to uphold the delicate mechanisms of cellular regeneration are present.

Regrettably, junk food, pollutions of all kinds and stress in all its shapes and forms upset cellular regeneration - this natural miracle, opening the door to dis-ease that preys on increasing numbers of people, even the younger generations.

Consequently, although life expectancy continues to rise (around 80 years on average), life expectancy WITHOUT DISABILITY is actually dropping. So yes, we are living longer. But chronic degenerative illnesses are happening earlier and these illnesses are the leading cause of death.

So why are we in this situation? Bad diet and all kinds of pollution and stress upset the body’s delicate self-repair mechanisms by generating 5 kinds of scientifically identified stress:

  1. Micronutritional stress

  2. Chemical stress

  3. Hydric stress

  4. Bioenergetic stress

  5. Psycho-emotional stress

How can this situation be changed and the full potential of Perfect Health restored to each person?

The answer can be found in the exclusive LIFE for You® “5 keys to perfect health for everyone”!

Key n° 1: Cellular micronutrition

Fight micronutritional stress by supplying our bodies, every day, and very simply, with all the necessary micronutrients for the body’s self-repair mechanisms to function optimally.

Key n°2: cellular detoxification

Combat chemical stress using a daily detoxification strategy. Our cells need appropriate support to get rid of chemical pollutants which invade our bodies on a daily basis.

Key n°3: Cellular hydration

The human body is more than 60% water. The quality of this water must be irreproachable. Ideally, we should be drinking living water from mountain streams.

Key n° 4: Cellular energizing

For nutrients to penetrate cellular membranes properly, and for toxic waste to be expelled, the bioelectrical energy of a cell must be higher than 15 millivolts. By combining the first 3 keys, this objective can be achieved. Otherwise a natural way of energizing the cell can be used, for instance using a pulsed magnetic fields generator.

Key n°5: Amos®

For our +100,000 billion cells to function in perfect harmony, the fifth key is essential. We are inviting you to discover “AMOS®, the 5th key” in the free e-book available from the person who provided you with the link to this website.

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