Isabelle and Rémy LOUIS have been married since 1985, and are the happy parents of 3 grown-up children.


Until 2010, their family life was like a fairytale: brilliant children, comfortable lifestyle and joie de vivre!


And then, on 28 July 2010, a heavy diagnosis fell and Isabelle found herself in a fight against breast cancer. The shockwave was violent because members on both sides of the family had died from this terrible disease. There was a strong feeling that death was knocking on our family’s door once again.


Very soon, however, Isabelle won the fight. Nevertheless, the heavy side-effects of chemotherapy almost got the best of her fighting spirit. So Rémy started to comb scientific literature to find a natural solution to help Isabelle get back to perfect health.


From this research, Rémy brought out a book called “Boundless Youth” in which he explains that the key to perfect health in the long-term can be found by stimulating the body’s natural mechanisms of self-repair. From this work came his e-book “Regcel: the silent 5-key revolution”, which you can get free of charge from the person who provided you with the link to this site.


Thanks to the patent of a friend researcher in biology, the precursor of our outstanding BLUE for Life® was developed. And Isabelle is convinced that she owes her return to perfect health to this concept!

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