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An incredibly powerful, compact range!

Cellular micronutrition

Our two exclusive products BLUE for Life® and QUINTESSENCE for Life® are the perfect duo for fighting micronutritional stress and combating the deficiencies caused by industrial food products.


BLUE for Life® contains the water-soluble nutriments the body needs. Download the BLUE for Life® fact sheet here.

QUINTESSENCE for Life® contains the fat-soluble nutriments your body needs. Download the QUINTESSENCE for Life® fact sheet here

By taking both products at the same time, you simultaneously provide your body with water-soluble nutriments AND fat-soluble nutriments. Your body’s protection is complete!

Cellular detoxification

Thanks to the powerful antioxidants in its exclusive formula, BLUE for Life® is the precious Detox ally for your cells! Before experiencing the first signs of well-being, you will first experience a “detoxification effect” which will be more or less noticeable depending on your initial state of health and life-style.

Cellular hydration
Cellular energizing

The combined use of our three skilfully combined natural and biotechnical products help your cells maintain their bioelectrical energy at the right level!


All you need then is AMOS®, and our free e-book “AMOS®, the 5th key”, available from the person who provided you access to this website.

In terms of cellular hydration, you should first make sure you drink filtered and, more importantly, energized water on a regular basis. The most exposed organ of the human body to dehydration is the skin. Particularly the skin on your face. To moisturize your facial skin and combat the effects of time, YOUNG for Life® is a unique serum of its kind: it contains 100% active ingredients!

Indeed, YOUNG for Life® is strictly natural and of plant origin only! Yes, that’s right: no animal-derived ingredients and no chemical substances. Nature, judiciously helped by science, caring for your skin!

Efficiency dermatologically-tested by an independent laboratory.

Download the YOUNG for Life® fact sheet here

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